About Me!

I'm a wife to my awesome husband, Kevin; and mother to my wonderful daughter, Marlena. My family and I live in our humble abode along with our 2 cats. I work at a Junior High school as an Educational Assistant, where I work with students that have Special Needs.

This blog is about my creative journey; about getting in touch with my culture, my natural abilities and making something beautiful to share with the world.
I've always loved being creative, but it's been the last few years that I have really gotten in touch with that side of myself.

I have suffered from moderate depression a few years ago, and my whole world turned black. Being a creative person, I always saw the colors in the world around me, but at this time in my life, there was nothing. No color whatsoever, just shades of depressing black, gray and white. I didn't enjoy anything at all, and it was such a strain to keep going. When it got so bad one day, I knew I needed additional help, although I tried to stay strong.

One day, during the summer of 2007 when my depression started to lift, I discovered ART again. It was wonderful! I could use the colors that sang through me once again, and I started to get in touch with my Metis culture, and produced paintings that showed that rainbow spirit. What a liberation! I felt like I wasn't alone in my life, and this; my art, my medicine, is what truly healed me, and still does to this day.

I discovered jewelry making about 2009, when I was very sick. I was off of work for almost 4 months, and my doctor had no idea what was wrong. I would cough and cough till I had a seizure, so I was prevented from doing anything strenuous. All I could do was lay on the couch, because I was so drained of strength from the coughing. Luckily my sister had a laptop that I could borrow, and that saved me from sheer boredom. I saw a site about jewelry making, and it intrigued me. I learned more about it, and I wanted to create those beautiful jewels too! I read everything I could, got some tools and materials, and went on my merry way! I haven't stopped since.

I love creating jewelry, especially rings. Jewelry should be tasteful, elegant and timeless. I love airy looking designs, because I want them to become a part of you, so that you don't notice that they are there, but they will be noticed by the people around you.

Recently I have taken up sewing funky bags and what-not. I still get to paint with all the colors I love, but I also can carry it with me! I love graffiti and tattoo style artwork. I think that is such a personal expression of one's creativity - either you wear it or display it for all the world to see!
I hope you enjoy my blog, and my designs.

If you have questions or just want to drop me a note, please e-mail me: lagazdesigns AT mts DOT net.


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