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>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011 has given it's Design Partners another exciting seasonal assignment, Winter Enchantment!

Winter has got to be the hardest season of them all. The cold, the snow, the snow, the cold. *sigh* But, Winter does have its wonders. The sparkling of the snow in the morning sunlight, like little crystals (maybe Swarovski ;) ); how a single, fluffy snowflake can wind its way through the sky, while keeping its perfect form. The way my yard looks just as good as the neighbors...ahhh, the magic of Winter, lol!

I decided to try something a little more whimsical in design this time. A puffy cloud with curlicues, and dangling snowflakes. And every cloud has got to have a silver-lining, right? Well, this one certainly does and more! Presenting "Winter's Charm" by Lagaz Designs.

Winter's Charm by Lagaz Designs This lovely pin shows off the swirliness of a snow-laden cloud, with it's silver-lining fashioned from 3mm Crystal & Silver Czech Fire-Polished beads. I just love the sparkle of these tiny beads, they mimic the cool icy-ness of Winter.

Dangling from our lovely, puffy cloud are Sterling Silver Snowflake charms. These are soo cute! I like the size of them, they are not too large, they could even be worn as a small pendant by themselves. The only thing I didn't care for is the open jump ring that is attached to the charm. It seemed overly large and did not seem well made. However, that was easily fixed, I just replaced them with a smaller jumpring.

On the other chains, there are 3mm Round Swarovski beads in Pearl White. I paired these bitty beads with cubic zirconia head pins to keep the sparkliness going. They offset the silver with their pearlesence, giving a wonderful elegance. I love Swarovski. I have experienced only good things with them. You cannot go wrong with them, as they are a quality bead.

WInter's Charm detail by Lagaz Designs

I hope everyone has had a good Winter, and hope you enjoy Winter Enchantment! I can't wait to see everyone's submissions!

Disclaimer: I have received these products free of charge from, and I am using these products in my creations to review for this company. I have not been paid to do these reviews or to recieve these products from


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