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>> Friday, March 5, 2010

So for about two days now, I have been trying to make a post about some of my stuff, and do you think I could do it? Noooo. I got a virus. Twice! And my brother-in-law had a heck of a time getting it off. The second time I did it myself, but I didn't finish until late. Blargh! I hope it doesn't show up again *crosses fingers* Well, without further ado...

A little while ago, I got some product from Man, I love that place!! December was their Silver and Glass month, and this was an opportunity for me to get some more items that I have been wanting to try.

I don't use a lot of glass in my designs (however, that may change after looking at some of these gorgeous Lampwork beads!), but I use sterling silver all the time. I have always wanted to use Ball head pins, and the Bali head pins. I think that they give a lovely decorated look to a lot of designs, without being over done.

Recently I made a wonderful charm necklace; these seem to be all the rage lately. I really like this look. You can add or subtract the charms depending on your mood. So I have made a number of charms on my necklace, using some of the products that I have received. Charm necklaces are a good way to use up some of those lonely beads that you have in your stash, or you want to try some color combinations on a small scale. A gorgeous eclectic look!

A Charm Necklace by Lagaz Designs

"A Charm Necklace" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir) March 2010
Charms(Left to Right): Lemon Quartz Briolette, Bali Round/Swarovski Indicolite bicone, Freshwater Pearl/Clear Quartz Oval barrel bead, Turquoise & Wood Handmade Key, Rough faceted Citrine briolette, Swarovski Olivine Ring/Clear Quartz faceted flat oval, Turquoise/Olive ceramic bead, Hollow Bali Pendant, and Prehnite Roundelle. All components are sterling silver.
In my charms, I've mainly used the Bali Head pins, which gives a finished look to them. In the Prehnite charm, and the Bali Ball/Swarovski charm, I just used the Ball head pins. These headpins are of a very nice quality. The Bali pins have a slight oxidization, which gives their Old World appeal, while the Ball head pins are a nice bright silver. I recommend going to the Sterling Silver Head/Eye pin section and check out the different pins to use in your designs. Beautiful stuff!

A Charm Necklace - Key
Another piece of my necklace, which was the easiest to do, since I didn't have to anything to it at all, was the Hollow Bali Pendant with Intricate design. Now, I know that the website puts the sizes of their products up, but you never really know until you actually see it. Well, this was smaller than I expected. I was hoping it was a little bigger, so that it could be a stand alone pendant. Despite it being small, it's still a gorgeous thing to look at. And it fits within my charm necklace just fine. So it all worked out. It also has that slight oxidization that the Bali beads are known for, perfect for highlighting the complex designs.

A Charm Necklace - Hollow Bali Pendant and Swarovski Olivine Ring
Little bit more! *whew* Nothing like having to do it all in one post! LOL!

I love anything Swarovski. The shiner, sparklier the better. Generally. :) For one of the charms, I used one of the Swarovski 12.5mm Ring in Olivine, that I had received from before. Now this isn't your typical over the top Swarovski bead. This is simpler, yet whimsical design. I can't help but think of Lifesavers candy, when I look at these. Aren't they fun? I wanted to echo the circle shape, and the color combination that I had with my ceramic bead. This had fit the bill. Definitely check the other Swarovski Ring beads for a fun design, especially since Spring is in the air!

I have more components to do reviews on, but I have to make something from them first! Keep an eye out in the next little while, I'm going to host a giveaway for Spring!

Disclaimer: I have received these products free of charge from, and I am using these products in my creations to review for this company. I have not been paid to do these reviews or to recieve these products from


peggy aplSEEDS June 7, 2010 at 6:31 PM  

what a lovely charm necklace. i made one recently using my collection of fish charms. you are right, it's a great way to use those extra beads.

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