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>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the Spring time, I talked about taking the Whimsy Art workshop that iATCs.com was hosting. Well I actually did it! Learning via online videos is an interesting experience, but I found it very relaxing. No time constraints, and you can learn at your own pace.

As I said before, Whimsy art is a kind of difficult for me. But the ladies who hosted the workshop, made it easier. I really enjoyed it, got lots of feedback too. It was for 4 weeks, each week focused on something different.

Week 1 was about Color, Stylization and developing a whimsical style. I've included some images from my Whimsy journal:

Color Explorations - inspiration image from John RomboughHair JewelsColor and related feelingsStylization

Week 2 focused on Beginner Techniques. Working with different media.

Water-soluble crayon, ink and markerColored Pencil techniquesMarker techniqueMarker Technique

Week 3, we worked on developing our People Skills :)

Body shapes
More expressions and body shapesClothing StylesActionPutting it all together

I haven't finished Lesson 4 yet. Summer's been distracting me. But that's why I like these online classes. You can go back to them later and finish up.

If you're looking for something different to do, and would like to try your hand at some art check out the Whimsy workshop and their other workshops that are coming up really soon!


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