Northwest Coast Seven Teachings Mural finished!!

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

I promised that I would post a pic of the completed mural. Looks a bit wonky as I had to stitch the pictures together to get the whole thing. And the one on the right looks weird because it's on an angle, compared to the rest of the wall.

I really like it. Very simple, to echo the clean lines of the design. My Grade 9 Art students helped me, and they all did a massively awesome job. It was kind of a long drawn out project, but we all perservered and finished it! Now since it's done, I have new totem cards! I posted the ones from an earlier post, now I have the remaining ones. These will be traded soon :)

Northwest Coast Seven Teachings Mural

Buffalo (Respect), Eagle (Love), Wolf (Humility), Bear (Courage), Beaver (Wisdom), Turtle (Truth), and Sabe (Honesty)
Northwest Coast Seven Teaching Mural
- designed by Melissa Muir, painted by the 2009 Grade 9 Alt. Art class of ESJH.

Turtle Totem by Melissa Muir Sabe Totem by Melissa Muir

Wolf Totem by Melissa Muir
*Wolf Totem designed with lessons from Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art


EraserQueen August 26, 2009 at 9:48 AM  

This is SO COOL! What a big undertaking, and beautiful end results. You and your students should be really proud. And you know I love those animals designs you're SO good at them! And the foot is awesome too, are those eys? LOL

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