Spring Break has come and gone....dang.

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

And it wasn't really a "Spring" break either. Too much snow. And more snow. Bleh. Of course, it gets nice out when I go back to work. Figures. But what can I say? That's way Mother Nature goes, and if you cross her...look out!! LOL!

The weather is finally decent. AMEN! I can see the sun, the birds are out, and the grass is slowly getting greener. Although, I have three big dirt piles in my front yard. I did not put them there. The City did. They put in a new sewer line, which is great, it's just that my front lawn looks horrible. And they almost took out one of my flower beds! I hope it's okay...my husband is going to start digging around to see if any of the root systems are damaged. Apparently, the City is going to replace the grass and whatnot, but I'll believe it when I see it. Unfortunately I don't have too much faith when the City promises something.

So no flowers for us yet. It still is quite cool here, but hopefully soon. I want to see some COLOR!! How I miss it in the Winter time. That's why I love Spring and Summer. All the colors. It's glorious!

Since I haven't any grown flowers, I drew some flowers for the Flowers swap at iATCs.com. I couldn't resist of course. What woman doesn't like flowers? So here are some to brighten your day! They certainly brighten mine :)

Plumeria by Melissa Muir
TigerLily by Melissa Muir
Daisy by Melissa Muir
Dahlia by Melissa Muir
*all done in watercolor, colored pencils, india ink, acrylic and sparklie pen :)


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