No Bling Lately...I know :(

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yeah nothing sparkly crossing my blog lately. *sigh* I haven't had much inspiration, and I haven't much supplies either. Being broke and all that. *BIG sigh*
I'm hoping to order some more silver shortly. But I am really looking into getting some silver solder. I'm checking things out...hopefully I can do something :) If not, more wire here I come! LOL!

Also, my camera is toast, so even if I did have some new sparklies, you wouldn't be able to see them. Another thing to buy on my ever growing list. :P

Well whatever. I think I'm going to play with some art supplies, and see what I can come up with!


ArtTrader Mag Vol 6!! New division of OPEN!

A new volume of ArtTrader Mag is out! Whoo HOO! I love looking at this online magazine. It always has yummy art and articles. This one is no exception.
It talks about design composition, how to get your artwork web-ready, watercolor pencils, an interview with a Fiber Artist, and so much more!

They have announced their new redesigned website for! It looks wonderful, and includes the ArtTrader Store. Right now it is showcasing some collage images for our mixed mail artist friends out there! Check it out! is expanding! The sister site: is closed down, as it hasn't done as well as the creators had hoped. But they still needed a place for the higher-level mixed mail artists to congregate. stepped up, and the two sites are merging as one. will have two divisions: Pencil & Paint, and Mixed Mail Art. It is still a juried site for both sides, but I still encourage you to apply. You never know what will happen if you don't try!


Spring Break has come and gone....dang.

And it wasn't really a "Spring" break either. Too much snow. And more snow. Bleh. Of course, it gets nice out when I go back to work. Figures. But what can I say? That's way Mother Nature goes, and if you cross her...look out!! LOL!

The weather is finally decent. AMEN! I can see the sun, the birds are out, and the grass is slowly getting greener. Although, I have three big dirt piles in my front yard. I did not put them there. The City did. They put in a new sewer line, which is great, it's just that my front lawn looks horrible. And they almost took out one of my flower beds! I hope it's husband is going to start digging around to see if any of the root systems are damaged. Apparently, the City is going to replace the grass and whatnot, but I'll believe it when I see it. Unfortunately I don't have too much faith when the City promises something.

So no flowers for us yet. It still is quite cool here, but hopefully soon. I want to see some COLOR!! How I miss it in the Winter time. That's why I love Spring and Summer. All the colors. It's glorious!

Since I haven't any grown flowers, I drew some flowers for the Flowers swap at I couldn't resist of course. What woman doesn't like flowers? So here are some to brighten your day! They certainly brighten mine :)

Plumeria by Melissa Muir
TigerLily by Melissa Muir
Daisy by Melissa Muir
Dahlia by Melissa Muir
*all done in watercolor, colored pencils, india ink, acrylic and sparklie pen :)


Artist Trading Cards

ATCsforALL IllustratedATCs Art Trader Magazine

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