Fine Art Valentines VI

>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nicci over a Livejournal did a call to artists to participate in her annual Fine Art Valentines. This the 6th year that it has been running, and apparently, she has gotten some amazing prints! Sometimes, if she is able to, she puts them into a gallery showing.

There are 20 participants, and we each have to make 20 prints of a valentine or heart shaped theme. I love print-making so I had to participate. Quite alot of my friends from joined in also.

Since I love carving my own stamps, but wanted it to be as clean as possible, I had to purchase some new knives. I got #1 and #6 lino knives (in conjunction of my #2 & #4), and what a difference did it make! My block came out great! I was so impressed. Also I purchased a brayer and some real printing ink. Let me tell you, having the right tools to do a project - it makes it so much easier! And I always like playing with new materials.

With my print, I had to do the gold heart shape first; which I stencilled on. I used registration marks, so I knew where I was going to put my stamp. Then I took my stamp, lined up the registration marks, and stamped away! They came out so pretty! I can't wait to see what the others look like.

Heart of Gold

"Heart of Gold" by Melissa Muir. Edition of 24.

Heart of Gold
* you can see the shine better on this one.


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