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>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

One of the ladies; Shelli (PotBellyArts), at iATCs.com was making gifts for her two sons for Christmas. She had asked all of us if we wished to contribute an ATC each for her sons. Shelli was making ATC albums for each of them, and she wished to get something from all of us to put something in it. Shelli wanted to encourage them to explore the world of ATCs and encourage them about sharing their art. Which I thought was a splendid idea! I'm always for encouraging Kids and Art :)

So I made these two ATCs; the first one depicting a biomechanical warrior, and the second one with a Guitar Hero/Comic book/Graffiti feel.

Past & Future Warrior

"Past & Future Warrior" by Melissa Muir

Guitar Hero
"Guitar Hero" by Melissa Muir

Apparently, the boys were in awe of all the art they received, especially after realizing that each card was made specifically for them.

I think that would be an awesome present to recieve!


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