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>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's the New Year, and that means it's time for the new Art Trader magazine to be released! YAY!

Art Trader Magazine Vol. 5

It's chock full of good things, like Altered Art 101, a walkthrough, Critique corner and the Petite Artiste articles. They happen to be my favorite, as I love reading about how children concieve their own art, and how they are supported in their creations. I think it is very important, no matter what age you happen to be.

This month's Art Trader Petite Artiste article features my daughter, Marlena! YAY!
She was so thrilled to be included this time around, she loves showing off her artwork. I admit that some of her art is different for some, but I think it really reflects the way teenagers are socially in this current day. It's a little bit darker, edgier, but there is still the use of bright colors to signify that they are still light-hearted. It's interesting to see that how that is reflected in one's artwork.
I see alot of that now in this age group's creativity. It must be a cultural thing, or an effect from media. Or kids just feel more intensely now, than I did when I was that age. It certainly gives a different feel.

I'm very proud of her, and she's been producing so much artwork lately. And it has made quite a transition from Anime to almost a semi-realistic look. And she experiments with different media now. Marlena recently made a Wolf painting for me and my husband for Christmas. And it's wonderful! I love the painterly look, and the background is awesome!

Wolf by Marlena Muir

I couldn't be prouder of my Darth Marl (Marlena). Love you sweetie :)


Jenn Klee January 18, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

I just saw the magazine, and I'm in a teenager I was all hearts and flowers and Marlena has a great style! BTW, you got an award from me, check out my blog.

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