(Belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I had a good one too :) A bit stressful, as it usually is for this time of year, but I made it! I'm not a fan of Christmas, I'm a Hallowe'en person myself, but I do enjoy being with family and having to partake of the food! YUM!

I was supremely busy just before Christmas. I had orders for more of my graffiti/tattoo cosmetic bags, plus a messenger style bag (not pictured), a totebag, and some jewelry! Whew! I managed to get everything done with a day to spare. Good things these were within driving distance, so they got to their respective places in time to sit under the Tree.

I really enjoy making these bags. They are so fun! While they are labour intensive, I think they have a real unique look. Everything handmade, of course. Right from the backgrounds, to the patches that are sewn on.

So here are a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy!

And you all have a very Merry rest of your Holidays!

Graffiti Bags Med Lg XLg
Carlene Bag
Caley Bag
Heaven Bag
Shandi bag
Megan bag
Stephanie bag
Angel Wing Pendant Gothic Cross Pendant
Six bags!


Some new bags :)

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the last few weeks I have been working on some cosmetic bags. One of my friends from work, John (and his wife :) ) liked my graffiti bags, so they wanted to know if I could make a cosmetic bag for their niece for Christmas. Sure! Why not?

So I tried something different for these ones. A little more graphic, tattoo inspired :) I've made four cases (although I didn't take a picture of the smallest one). So I'll show you pictures of the bigger ones. These would be sizes Medium, Large and Extra-Large (<---which would almost be a purse onto itself. They look so fun! The large and extra-large took me the longest, as I've been sick the last little while. But they all turned out great! I used a pattern made by QueenofDIY from Craftster.org. Check it out here: Straight Sided Triangular Cosmetic Bag.

So John gets to have first pick for his niece, and the others ... well we'll see. ;) Enjoy!

Sacred Heart and Winged Star Bag Front Sacred Heart and Winged Star Bags Back

Sacred Heart Bag Detail
Winged Skellie Bag Front Winged Skellie Bag Back

Winged Skellie Bag Detail


Totem Cards - Fox, Cat, Dragonfly, the Sun, Raven, Sea Turtle and Spider

>> Monday, October 19, 2009

It has been brought to my attention that I am missing some images from my site. I am sure I had posted about these cards before, but I guess when I updated I may have lost them.
Here they are again - some more totem goodness :) Plus a new one - Spider.

Fox Totem Cat Totem
Dragonfly Totem
Raven Totem Sun Fur Directions Totem Sea Turtle Totem
Spider Totem


Swarovski Beads!!

>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recently, I was asked if I would be willing to blog about some products for ArtBeads.com. Heck Yeah! Why not?! I love making jewelry, and am always willing to try new products. So a representative from Artbeads.com (Hi! Duchess!), told me to pick some Swarovski products to try, as September is Swarovski month.

Okay, I know it's October, but I've been sick :P

This past week, I received my little packet of Swarovski products, and let me tell you I was blown away!! So much bright, sparklie goodness!! I love it! So my mission for the next little while is to make some wonderful jewelry to showcase these beauties! And I've already started!

Here's my first creation. I used Eni Oken's Square Cab ring Tutorial. I've had this tutorial for awhile, and I've been waiting to find something to try it with. And boy, did I ever!

Here it is! Isn't it beautiful? So simple and elegant, this simple weave certainly sets off this 12mm Chessboard Flatback in Crystal Silver Shade.

Crystal Silver Shade Ring
I took so many pictures, it was hard to choose. So here; you can view from all angles.

Front Back

Side Front

"Crystal Silver Shadow ring" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir) 2009.

A simple, but elegant ring, surrounded with shining, bright sterling silver. This Swarovski chessboard flatback rhinestone will surely catch any persons eye.
I apologize for the color variation between pictures. The very first, looks almost like a solid silver, but it's not. In the other pictures, it looks almost golden with some pink highlights, but it's not. The true color is a very light, translucent silver. However, I found that it reflects the surrounding colors very well. Hence, the extreme color variations. So potentially, you could have a different colored ring with every outfit! LOL!

I really like this Chessboard Rhinestone shape. And Artbeads.com carries many other shapes also. Check out their Swarovski Rhinestone Section. I am definitely going to be trying out the other colors and shapes, because these are perfect for rings.

Expect some more reviews and bling from me soon!!

ETA: I have received these products free of charge from ArtBeads.com, and I am using these products in my creations to review for this company. I have not been paid to do these reviews or to recieve these products from Artbeads.com.


Totes and Purses!

Ever since I made my first tote from the canvases that I did in Alisa Burke's Graffiti Chic class, I was hooked. I've made some more since, and is it ever easy!!

Here's another tote bag that I made for my friend, Sarah aka Original Youth, for a Christmas in July swap on iATCs. Her favourite things: turquoise, red, black, Eiffel Tower, poppies and sparklie goodness. What a gorgeous combo!

La Tour Eiffel tote bag for OriginalYouth

After that, I got brave, and made a purse of my own! With my own pattern yet!! It's even lined :) No zipper though, although in the picture I have a loop and button, but I have since put a snap button on the flap. I really like it. Very colourful, not too big, as I don't carry alot of stuff in purses and so totally me!

Butterfly Graffiti Totem purse front
Butterfly Graffiti Totem purse back
Butterfly Graffiti Totem purse Inside

I even tried a wallet :) This one still has a few kinks to work out, but pretty good for my first try.

Graffiti wallet credit cards slotsGraffiti wallet inside
Graffiti Wallet outside

My daughter wanted a purse of her own. So I tried a hobo style. I got this pattern off of Crafster.org. (I'll post here who made the pattern once I look it up). I just cut it out, and Marlena painted it herself. Nice design, very Rock N' Roll :)

Skull Hobo Bag front Skull Hobo Bag back

Then we gave my niece, Kahrisa a hobo purse for her birthday. She LOVED it!

Sacred Heart Hobo bag

Last, but certainly not least, I made these cute little graffiti inspired flower pins. So bright and fun!

Funky Flowers

I just love this look! So fresh, funky and fun! And the best part I like about it? Playing with the paint :)


Graffiti Love

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not many people know this, but I have a deep love for graffiti. The bold colours, the stylization, the statement that they make. I love the fact that writers (graff-artists) can express themselves so freely, yet tread on the edge of the forbidden.

I know, I know...most graffiti is frowned upon. Especially if its a business building of your own that gets tagged, and it is considered vandalising. But have you ever really looked at it? I know some people think "Well I can spray my name all over with a can of spray paint. What's so hard about that?" Have you ever looked at some of those tags? Most writers spend enormous amounts of time getting their own "tag" style right, and recognizable. So it is definitely not slap-dash most of the time. And some of the murals? Positively to die for! I mean, what these guys can do with a can of spray paint!! I wish I could do that. I just love it. *sigh*

I love graffiti! I think it's the bold use of colours that really attracted me at first. Look at some of these: Skull by the Mac , Reyes (pics taken by funkandjazz), High Caliber mural (several artists) (pic taken by Chele in LA) and Laneway (pic taken by princess_lotta). Wow!! I would love a canvas of some of those!

It makes me think about how it will be in the future; when our descendants see these graphic murals and wonder what our society was like at that time. Like the cave paintings, eh? LOL! Definitely not cave paintings are these :)

I know I'm just rambling on :) That's how my mind works...just tumbling over and over.

There is a whole point to this post actually, other than the graffiti love. More graffiti actually. Mine to be exact :) Last May, I took Alisa Burke's Graffiti Chic class, and it was AWESOME! I loved it. Alot of it was common sense, but she put a whole new spin on it. I kept thinking "Why didn't I think if that?" the whole time I was doing this class. We did paint splatters, stencilling, spraypainting, lots of layers, lettering (another love of mine). Basically, just getting down right messy. I admit, that was the hardest part for me to do. To let go, and just "go with the flow". But I can tell you, since doing this class I have a whole new appreciation for "messy art". It's way more fun!!!

I did two canvases for Alisa's class. I had some el cheapo framed canvas that I just cut out of their frames. It was primed already (but had a slight gloss to it that I did like...hmmm....I'm assuming its gesso, but had something else with it? I wonder...) , so I didn't have to do anything to it. We didn't have to prime our canvas/fabric/paper if we didn't want to. And away we went!!

So here are my two canvases that I did:

"Flight of Fancy" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz)

"Amour Ambigram" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz)

With these two canvases I sewed a tote bag for myself. Which I love! It's big and roomy, and best of all I made it myself! I've gotten lots of compliments also. To see some of the other students work please check it out on Alisa's blog here, amazing art all around!

Alisa is offering the Part 2 of the Graffit Chic class in January 2010. I will definitely be taking that!


Northwest Coast Seven Teachings Mural finished!!

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

I promised that I would post a pic of the completed mural. Looks a bit wonky as I had to stitch the pictures together to get the whole thing. And the one on the right looks weird because it's on an angle, compared to the rest of the wall.

I really like it. Very simple, to echo the clean lines of the design. My Grade 9 Art students helped me, and they all did a massively awesome job. It was kind of a long drawn out project, but we all perservered and finished it! Now since it's done, I have new totem cards! I posted the ones from an earlier post, now I have the remaining ones. These will be traded soon :)

Northwest Coast Seven Teachings Mural

Buffalo (Respect), Eagle (Love), Wolf (Humility), Bear (Courage), Beaver (Wisdom), Turtle (Truth), and Sabe (Honesty)
Northwest Coast Seven Teaching Mural
- designed by Melissa Muir, painted by the 2009 Grade 9 Alt. Art class of ESJH.

Turtle Totem by Melissa Muir Sabe Totem by Melissa Muir

Wolf Totem by Melissa Muir
*Wolf Totem designed with lessons from Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art


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