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>> Monday, December 29, 2008

I promised that I would share what I gave to my Secret Santa partners. One has received, the other hasn't yet, but I'll still post them :) Update: She got it!!

This first bunch is what I gave my SS partner, Jan AKA Lattetzar on
Along with some other gifties; I made an altered Art Journal, an Anthropomorphic ATC, a handcarved stamp of his sock monkey Scooter, an ornament based on Miss Scarlett of CLUE, last but not least; hand made Mother of Pearl and sterling silver cufflinks.

Art Journal Vulpin ATC by Melissa Muir Handcarved Scooter Stamp Miss Scarlett CLUE ornament Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Lagaz Designs

Jan enjoyed them all! I'm so glad that he did. I really like how the Scooter stamp turned out, it's so cute :) The cufflinks came out very well also, so that will be a new piece of jewelry I can offer for the males out there.

Now my second Secret Santa partner hasn't gotten hers yet, but I'm going to post it anyways. This is for Dina aka Dina54 on I'm hoping her package gets there today, as she has had to wait the longest. Which is weird, as Florida (Lattetzar) is farther away than Rhode least I think so. Update: DIna got it today!

I made Dina an altered Art Journal, an 8"x8" page inspired by the Dawn Treader lyrics by Joni Mitchell, a Gothic Alice in Wonderland ornament, and a Star Mosaic Necklace, plus some other goodies :) On to the pictures!!

Hourus Raven Art Journal Seabird Fly Free by Melissa Muir
Gothic Alice in Wonderland Ornament Purple Star Mosaic Necklace by Lagaz Designs

I hope she likes these. Her "Seabird" suffered a mishap just before I shipped it. The glued on backing had let go, so I had to re-glue, and stitch it together! It looks quite nice now; with a aqua blue ribbon down the side, but looks different from the picture I have here. Maybe I'll get an updated one later :)

Happy Holidays to my Secret Santa gift partners! Enjoy your gifties!


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