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>> Monday, December 29, 2008

I hope everyone had a very good Christmas. I had a good one also. Spent time with my family, had good food, and laughter. That's the best part of holidays for me. Not the presents, but getting together with family. We always have fun together, teasing each other, telling stories. Ahh, everyone cracks me up :)

We even surprised my Amma this year with a new fridge. Bringing the new one in was easy, taking the old fridge was hard. Man was that sucker heavy! Wow! At least the new ones have wheels on them, thank goodness. My Amma walked into her kitchen, she didn't even notice the fridge at first. Not even with a huge bow on it! Hahaha! Then we all came out and shouted "SURPRISE!" Almost gave her a heart attack...just kidding. But she did appreciate it. I'm glad she liked it, and we (the kids and grandkids) kept it a secret since summer! Wow! Usually secrets don't last that long in our family, someone usually blabs. But we all held firm, and Amma didn't even know about it!

I got my second present from my Secret Santa on already. It was from Abi! I gave her a gift last year, and this year she got me :) I was hoping it was her, as I love her art!
Abi's been away in Africa over the holiday to get married! Finally events have pulled together that she can get together with her long time love, Gee. I'm very happy for them, they have waited a long time.

Abi got me a cuddly warm scarf, frames for ATCs, chocolates, silvery Christmas rub-on transfers, a cute sparklie snowflake, handmade clay Christmas tree earrings (so cute!), a framed ATC of a monarch butterfly wing (I love it!) and my very own Abi original vase! *happy sigh* Thank you Abi!


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