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>> Friday, December 12, 2008

I hope everyone likes my new blog template. It looks nice, and seems to do the job. I had to do a bit of crash course CSS/HTMLing but so far I like it.

Today I just mailed out a couple of packages for my Christmas Swap partners on I was supposed to have done it on the 10th, but I had my Afterschool Art club run overtime, and then a little disaster struck. One of my present's glue had let go! I fixed it, but I had to try something a bit different for me, so I hope my gift partner still likes it.

Wanna see some pictures? They're just teaser pics and I'll post the actual ones when my gift partners receive them.

Also I got a Christmas swap package recently! It's from Judithann Illingworth (Gingersnap). Beautiful stuff! Here is a picture to see my pressies!

I really like the Mini painting and the Mini Journal. They are beautiful and I love the colors. There is so much detail in the painting, and the journal has a delicate line drawing, that is so modern feeling. The journal is handmade, so I want to study it so I can figure it out and make my own!

Christmas is approaching fast, and seems like time is slipping away. I'm trying to make my presents this year, but it's hard. I have two quilts that I need to finish. Some jewelry pieces and some artwork to do over the holidays. I need some sleep and time to slow down for a little while. Prefereably on the weekend, when I'm not at work; work time can fly by as fast as it wants ;)


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