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>> Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shame Shame on me!

I've been so busy with work (mostly work), and other little projects at home, that I haven't uploaded anything new lately. Which is unfortunate, because the Bloggy Giveaways is coming up, and I've hardly posted anything worthwhile.

News: I'm starting a new mural at school (work). I love the people at my workplace, they always support me in my artwork. They want me to work with some students, and have them help me paint a mural in the Guidance room. Which is not a problem. My students seem to be really excited, and now we're just waiting on our paint order to come in so that we can get started. I would like to get it done before Christmas. It shouldn't take too long, as the design is not to convoluted like most of my work. It will be based on the Seven Sacred Teachings, and have the seven animals of the houses. The animals will be done in the NorthWest Coast artform, which is difficult to design, especially if you are not immersed in the local culture; but enjoyable nonetheless. I'll be posting the designs soon in my blog so you guys can see :)

Also, I'm going to be setting an up ETSY shop soon. I figured why not? I'll be selling my jewelry, and artwork. Some people have been asking if I will sell prints of my Totem cards, and I am seriously thinking about it. I think they would be nice as greeting cards. So be on the lookout. I'm hoping to have it all set up before Bloggy Carnival days.

Well, that's about it. I'll be posting some new pics of artwork and jewelry in the next little while. Enjoy!


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