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>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

This year at Illustrated ATCs has been a big year. All the community members have completed some wonderful swaps and the most amazing cards! Everyone's gallery is so full of eye candy, and there is such incredible talent, that some members of wanted to share it with everybody!

Sal, Anne and Annie (owners/creators of had a great idea to make a compilation of everyone's work for a BOOK! Yes, a book! It is entitled "The Best of 2007". While they couldn't fit everyone's artwork in, they did have themes that we could submit for. Figurative Arts, Dark and Gothic, Funky Cats, and Whimsical, to just name a few.

Shel (long-standing member of, and owner of PotBelly Bears), also created a book, focusing on the amazing collaborative talents of our members at Her book, entitled "Colors: A Collaborative Perspective", treats us to a gorgeous array of original artwork, featuring small "inchies", large canvases, sculptural work and mixed media, to name a few. Each creation shows each members talents focused on a particular color; a true artist's palette.

Both of these books are available at, an online print-on-demand publisher. These are great books for the art enthusiast, artist trading card collector, professional or the person who just likes to look at the pretty pictures ;)

Click on the links above, or on the pictures to purchase. They make wonderful presents :)

The Best of 2007Colors: A Collaborative Perspective

Art Trader Magazine Vol. 4Also Art Trader Magazine Volume 4 is out! I apologize for not posting about Vols. 2 & 3, I completely forgot, but they are still available for download at

This quarterly magazine has a lot to offer to the Mail artist. It provides inspiration, new techniques, wonderful artwork to drool over and mini-tutorials!
I love getting this magazine, it is so informative, and I love the layout. And the people who put it together, they do it so well that you really get to know them. Did I say that I love this mag!? You definitely need to check it out, you will definitely know what I'm talking about when you see it!

Art Trader Mag Year 1Currently, it's only in Adobe PDF (online publication), but in the new year they are hoping to release it in print! All four 2008 magazine in one book! There's nothing like holding a book in your hand and perusing to your hearts content. Keep an eye out over at or here for more details!


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