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>> Friday, July 4, 2008

"Friends in the Dark" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Baby Sumatran Tiger and Baby Orangutan. Endangered animals theme. Photoreferenced. April 2008.

"African Zetti Princess" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). African Zetti theme. April 2008

"Don't Slouch and Slurp" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Goth Girl at Charm school theme. April 2008.

"What a Cutie!" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Creepy Puppet theme. April 2008.

"On the Run" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Film Noir theme. April 2008.

"Lady Liberty" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Statue of Liberty theme. April 2008.

"Blue Satin Carnivale Mask" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Carnivale/Venetian Mask theme. Photoreferenced from ©iStockphoto.com/n1cky (?) . April 2008.


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