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>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

...the "too much much to do but not enough time to do it in" Life.

Still lots going on for me. Really busy with work, and now I'm taking a new course to learn American Sign Language. It's really interesting, and I'm enjoying it. Lots of information to be sure!

Jewelry making is at a standstill for right now. I do have a new ring in the works, but getting the motivation and the time to coordinate at the same instance is not working right now. *Sigh* I hate these blocked periods.

The same goes for my art. My ATCs are slowing down, I still have to finish 2 swaps (Tarot and Colourful Stylized Portraits), but I haven't had much luck in creating. Also, I am supposed to do a painting to donate for a Silent Auction for Selkirk Friendship Centre's 40th Anniversary. I don't even have an idea sketched out yet. Time seems to slip away when I want it to slow down so that I can relax and create something.

Hopefully a little bit of a rant will blow off some steam for me. The school year is almost finished and I am eagerly awaiting summer holidays. I need to have a rest, and rejuvenate.

So hopefully soon, I will have something new to post here. Art, ATCs, jewelry and bits 'n pieces of my life :) Catch you later.


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