Spring Break is nearing it's end, but I got some stuff done!

>> Friday, April 4, 2008

Coyote makes Fire ATC by Melissa Muir (Lagaz) March 2008I was waiting for Spring Break so badly, and it's almost over! It went by fast, but I've been trying to squeeze every last minute out of it, so that I can catch up on some things. Like ATCs, that have been waiting forever to be finished and sent out. Normally I'm not like that, but I find that I am really busy these last few months, and trying to find time to do stuff for me is getting harder to do. I hope it eases up some, I like to play with my supplies and make something new and beautiful!

Coyote and the Origin of Death ATC by Melissa Muir (Lagaz) March 2008I was supposed to be in a few swaps over at illustratedATCs.com, but time got away from me and I had to bail out of the few that I was in. I felt really bad, as I have never done that before, but I had to let go something. One swap was the Coyote/Trickster swap that Meran is holding. She wanted images of tales that Coyote from Native Americans (and other cultures also) passed down. Usually these tales state how something came to be, and sometimes there's a moral in it, but mostly it's Coyote fooling around Coyote goes to the Moon by Melissa Muir (Lagaz) March 2008and getting into trouble. I really wanted to do this swap, and the images kept going through my head. Finally I just put them on paper, and figured I would trade them individually. I wanted Meran to have first pick, since I bailed on her, but she was willing to wait for me and still include me in the swap! That was awfully nice of her. Thanks Meran :)

Pink Lotus by Melissa Muir (Lagaz) April 2008Another swap I actually finished was the Spring Print Exchange over at ATCsforAll.com, hosted by Zhenechka. We have to make prints, either by linocuts, hand-carved stamps, letterpress, collography, and serigraphy, making an image that reminds you of Spring. I decided to hand-carve a stamp of a Pink Lotus flower. It turned out pretty good. I printed them on different coloured papers to add interest. I wonder what the others look like?


Mari April 8, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

Hi Melissa, I love everything, you are very talented!!!
I'm maria zurita, you linked to my blog I just saw your message...thank you very much!
I'll be checking back often,
keep up the good work!

Sue J May 20, 2008 at 7:18 PM  

You coyote cards are beautiful, Melissa. I will be back! :-)))

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