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>> Friday, March 7, 2008

At the school where I work, a mini-clinic for teens is operating there on Wednesdays. The group that runs this clinic wants to create a welcoming atmosphere in their "waiting" area. Specifically some Aboriginal art by a local artist. The Resource Teacher and Guidance Counsellor immediately thought of me! YAY!! The Teen clinic wants 4....count'em...4 pieces of art. Three of them will be 24"x36" (roughly) and 30"x30". Two of them need to be companion pieces, and they need to have them before Feb 27th. I am so stoked!!
I have the two companion pieces planned out already...they will be my "Raven Stealing the Sun" and "Raven makes the Sun, Moon and Stars", just on a larger format. The other two, I'm not sure what it will be. I have an idea for a painting dealing with a Native American Prayer that may be appropriate. Even though the due date is quite soon, I am confident that I can do this. I am planning to do them in acrylic, so that they will dry fast, and my paintings are planned out so that makes it much easier. The thing I'm wondering about is how to hang them? They will be in a high traffic area in the Jr. High, so they need to be protected. I figure using a plexiglass over top will be good enough, not to thick so that it's heavy and fall off the wall, but strong enough to withstand some abuse it may get over time.

Well the people at the Teen clinic changed their minds, and are wanting two pieces instead of four. I can't say that I'm not disappointed, but I understand that they are working within a constrained budget. Also, I sold them the paintings for a really good deal, much less than what I would have sold them for regularly.
I am finished them, and they turned out great! I have found out that Acrylic paint is very hard to blend, but I did it! They are very vibrant, and I am very proud of them. The people at the Teen clinic really like them as they give a pop of colour in their "waiting" area. Maybe they will want more later. I will post pictures when the paintings are attached to the wall.


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