Mother of Pearl Cufflinks and Purple Star Mosaic Necklace

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Cufflinks"
Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir)
Mother of Pearl surrounded by small silver Hill Tribe beads, anchored securely on handmade sterling silver cufflinks.

Purple Star Mosaic Necklace by Lagaz Designs
"Purple Star Mosaic Necklace"
Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir)
A mixed array of peacock coloured Freshwater pearls, carved Amethyst, Garnet rondelles, and dazzling Swarovski crystals; are brought to life within this sterling silver Star frame.
Mosaic technique courtesy of Eni Oken.


Secret Santa...

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

I promised that I would share what I gave to my Secret Santa partners. One has received, the other hasn't yet, but I'll still post them :) Update: She got it!!

This first bunch is what I gave my SS partner, Jan AKA Lattetzar on
Along with some other gifties; I made an altered Art Journal, an Anthropomorphic ATC, a handcarved stamp of his sock monkey Scooter, an ornament based on Miss Scarlett of CLUE, last but not least; hand made Mother of Pearl and sterling silver cufflinks.

Art Journal Vulpin ATC by Melissa Muir Handcarved Scooter Stamp Miss Scarlett CLUE ornament Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Lagaz Designs

Jan enjoyed them all! I'm so glad that he did. I really like how the Scooter stamp turned out, it's so cute :) The cufflinks came out very well also, so that will be a new piece of jewelry I can offer for the males out there.

Now my second Secret Santa partner hasn't gotten hers yet, but I'm going to post it anyways. This is for Dina aka Dina54 on I'm hoping her package gets there today, as she has had to wait the longest. Which is weird, as Florida (Lattetzar) is farther away than Rhode least I think so. Update: DIna got it today!

I made Dina an altered Art Journal, an 8"x8" page inspired by the Dawn Treader lyrics by Joni Mitchell, a Gothic Alice in Wonderland ornament, and a Star Mosaic Necklace, plus some other goodies :) On to the pictures!!

Hourus Raven Art Journal Seabird Fly Free by Melissa Muir
Gothic Alice in Wonderland Ornament Purple Star Mosaic Necklace by Lagaz Designs

I hope she likes these. Her "Seabird" suffered a mishap just before I shipped it. The glued on backing had let go, so I had to re-glue, and stitch it together! It looks quite nice now; with a aqua blue ribbon down the side, but looks different from the picture I have here. Maybe I'll get an updated one later :)

Happy Holidays to my Secret Santa gift partners! Enjoy your gifties!


Most of the hubbub is over...

I hope everyone had a very good Christmas. I had a good one also. Spent time with my family, had good food, and laughter. That's the best part of holidays for me. Not the presents, but getting together with family. We always have fun together, teasing each other, telling stories. Ahh, everyone cracks me up :)

We even surprised my Amma this year with a new fridge. Bringing the new one in was easy, taking the old fridge was hard. Man was that sucker heavy! Wow! At least the new ones have wheels on them, thank goodness. My Amma walked into her kitchen, she didn't even notice the fridge at first. Not even with a huge bow on it! Hahaha! Then we all came out and shouted "SURPRISE!" Almost gave her a heart attack...just kidding. But she did appreciate it. I'm glad she liked it, and we (the kids and grandkids) kept it a secret since summer! Wow! Usually secrets don't last that long in our family, someone usually blabs. But we all held firm, and Amma didn't even know about it!

I got my second present from my Secret Santa on already. It was from Abi! I gave her a gift last year, and this year she got me :) I was hoping it was her, as I love her art!
Abi's been away in Africa over the holiday to get married! Finally events have pulled together that she can get together with her long time love, Gee. I'm very happy for them, they have waited a long time.

Abi got me a cuddly warm scarf, frames for ATCs, chocolates, silvery Christmas rub-on transfers, a cute sparklie snowflake, handmade clay Christmas tree earrings (so cute!), a framed ATC of a monarch butterfly wing (I love it!) and my very own Abi original vase! *happy sigh* Thank you Abi!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

>> Thursday, December 25, 2008

I hope everyone had a great day with family, friends, and good things to eat!
Have a Great Holiday!


Strathmore Great Holiday Swap

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

About a month ago, I sent in an ATC for this swap that ended on December 15th. I wasn't sure about what to expect from this, but was hoping that it would be good. The cards had to to be Holiday or Winter themed, and meet the qualifications of ATCs. The card I sent in was my first "Winter Goddess".

Winter Goddess by Melissa Muir
Very closely related to my second card that I used in my Giveaway. Anyways, she turned out spectacularly! I just loved the expression on her face, and she was so hard to send away, but I'm glad that I kept a scan of her as a memory. *sigh*

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the person who got my card! Rob Leveroos is his name, and he e-mailed me to let me know that he loved my card. That is so sweet! I'm so glad that he enjoys it, and he told me that she would be in good hands :) YAY! That makes me feel better, knowing someone out there appreciates a well-made card and miniature art.

I received my return, from a lovely artist name Sandee Lee B. (I apologize if I have read your name incorrectly) It's a winter landscape of a old farm road, called "The Ultimate Suburbs".

The Ultimate Suburbs by Sandee Lee B.
So lovely, glittery and nostalgic. Makes me think of winter days on our old farm in Minnedosa. I love it! I wish I could send you an e-mail telling you I appreciate it very much, but since I am unable to, I'll just post about it instead. If you come across this post and want me to take your picture down, please let me know and I will. I just want to share it with everyone :) Thank you so much for creating a truly beautiful card!


Christmas is coming...

>> Friday, December 12, 2008

I hope everyone likes my new blog template. It looks nice, and seems to do the job. I had to do a bit of crash course CSS/HTMLing but so far I like it.

Today I just mailed out a couple of packages for my Christmas Swap partners on I was supposed to have done it on the 10th, but I had my Afterschool Art club run overtime, and then a little disaster struck. One of my present's glue had let go! I fixed it, but I had to try something a bit different for me, so I hope my gift partner still likes it.

Wanna see some pictures? They're just teaser pics and I'll post the actual ones when my gift partners receive them.

Also I got a Christmas swap package recently! It's from Judithann Illingworth (Gingersnap). Beautiful stuff! Here is a picture to see my pressies!

I really like the Mini painting and the Mini Journal. They are beautiful and I love the colors. There is so much detail in the painting, and the journal has a delicate line drawing, that is so modern feeling. The journal is handmade, so I want to study it so I can figure it out and make my own!

Christmas is approaching fast, and seems like time is slipping away. I'm trying to make my presents this year, but it's hard. I have two quilts that I need to finish. Some jewelry pieces and some artwork to do over the holidays. I need some sleep and time to slow down for a little while. Prefereably on the weekend, when I'm not at work; work time can fly by as fast as it wants ;)


Time to change!

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

Guess you've noticed some things are changing here :) My blog will be in a state of construction for a little while, till I get things fixed.
Blogger's having some errors where it wouldn't let you upload new templates or something, but I just deleted my widgets and uploaded a new template. Only thing is I have to put them all back, but that's okay I have to update some of them anyways.

So see you in a few days with a shiny new template :)


Hmmm, something's wrong

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well looks like everything that I had just disappeared. Pictures, links, etc. I have been trying to reconfigure things, but I did just cancel what I was doing and put the normal stuff back up. I guess it didn't take, and I have been trying to fix it for a few days, but I keep getting some error. Oh well. I'm hoping to have it up soon, because I want to add some new stuff :)

So this is just temporary, and hopefully be back up in a few days! Thank you for being patient!


I won a prize!

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

I won a prize from the Bloggy Giveaways also! YAY!
My prize was from Hot Beauty Health. I won Carmindy's (What not to Wear) book, Positively Beautiful! Awesome! I love Carmindy, and she is such a good role model on self-esteem.
Thank you so much! I can't wait to recieve it :)


Winner of Silver Pearl Ring and 2 ATCs!

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

Winner: HeatherLow !! Comment # 74

Courtesy of
Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2008-11-01 05:03:12 UTC

Congratulations HeatherLow! Once I have confirmation, and other details; it will take me a few days to make the ring to the specified size, and mail it out to you. I will send you an e-mail when I do, so you can expect it.

This was so much fun! I enjoyed coming on here everyday to look at the number of comments and reading them. You guys are all awesome!

I'll be posting this in the Mr. Linky on the Bloggy Giveaways site also, so that you can check out the winners from the also.

Thank you so much for your support & participating!



>> Monday, October 27, 2008

Giveaway closed!

Bloggy Carnival starts today!! YAY!! And I'm hosting my second giveaway. I had such a blast last time I couldn't resist. Silver Weave Pearl Ring

The Prize:

  • a Silver Pearl Ring (custom-made in your size or specified size)
  • Two original Holiday/Winter themed Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Warmth of Friendship ATC


* You don't have to be a blogger to participate.

* Everyone!! I will ship internationally.

Winter Goddess 2 ATC

Starts - Ends - Notification:
  • *Starts: Monday, October 27, 2008
  • *Ends: Friday, October 31, 2008 @ Midnight CDT
  • *Draw will be done, and winner notified by Saturday, November 1, 2008 using
  • *Winner will have till Monday, November 3, 2008 @ 10pm CDT to acknowledge prize.
  1. One entry per person (make sure to have valid e-mail address and name in your comment). Leave it like this if you don't want to be spammed (eg. lagazdesigns AT mts DOT net ).

  2. Take a look around my blog, and leave a comment here on which piece of artwork or jewelry you like the most.

    It's that easy! Please check out the other
    Bloggy Giveaways that are happening this week, by clicking the link or the button at the top of the page.


New Mural Designs

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Earlier I posted that I was making a new mural at work (school), and that I had my Grade 9 students helping me out. It's been a long wait for our paint and materials, but we finally got them on Thursday and we've put on the first coat of primer. YAY!!! My students were so happy that they were able to paint. Now hopefully everything goes according to plan.

The mural is based on the Seven Sacred Teachings once again, but it will be inspired from the NorthWest Coast artforms.

Mural Concept

Each colored panel will represent one of the Sacred Seven animals, and I used colors that are common in most tribal cultures. In each colored panel, is a "window" where the corresponding animal design will be placed. It will be a fairly simple looking design, but I didn't want to detract from the complexity of the Northwest Coast forms.

I'll leave you to look at some of the animal designs that I have so far: Buffalo, Eagle, Bear and Beaver. I still have yet to do: Wolf, Turtle and Sabe. I'll post those when I am done them. Enjoy!

Buffalo TotemEagle Totem
Bear TotemBeaver Totem


Mossy Green Silver Weave Ring

Some more bling!! Man, I love making these rings, they are so timeless looking. I love wearing mine.
My friend, and Resource teacher, Bonnie ordered this ring as an anniversary present for herself (via her husband). LOL! The mossy green really compliments her skin tone, and looks great on her hand :) So here are some drool worthy pictures for you to peruse!

Mossy Green Silver Weave RingBack ViewSide View


Bloggy Giveaway Carnival Month!!

>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just wanted to let you guys all know that it is Bloggy Giveaway Carnival this month! Actually it begins next week, Oct 27th - 31st, 2008, and I am so excited!

Lots of Blogs, Lots of Prizes! You have to go thru the list and enter! So click on the Bloggy Carnival Badge at the top of the page for more details.

I'll be hosting a giveaway next week also, but I'm not sure what to give away. A ring? Earrings? Cufflinks? An original Artist Trading Card? Hmmm....I had better get a move on and figure it out :) So check back next week!!


Books, and Magazines!

This year at Illustrated ATCs has been a big year. All the community members have completed some wonderful swaps and the most amazing cards! Everyone's gallery is so full of eye candy, and there is such incredible talent, that some members of wanted to share it with everybody!

Sal, Anne and Annie (owners/creators of had a great idea to make a compilation of everyone's work for a BOOK! Yes, a book! It is entitled "The Best of 2007". While they couldn't fit everyone's artwork in, they did have themes that we could submit for. Figurative Arts, Dark and Gothic, Funky Cats, and Whimsical, to just name a few.

Shel (long-standing member of, and owner of PotBelly Bears), also created a book, focusing on the amazing collaborative talents of our members at Her book, entitled "Colors: A Collaborative Perspective", treats us to a gorgeous array of original artwork, featuring small "inchies", large canvases, sculptural work and mixed media, to name a few. Each creation shows each members talents focused on a particular color; a true artist's palette.

Both of these books are available at, an online print-on-demand publisher. These are great books for the art enthusiast, artist trading card collector, professional or the person who just likes to look at the pretty pictures ;)

Click on the links above, or on the pictures to purchase. They make wonderful presents :)

The Best of 2007Colors: A Collaborative Perspective

Art Trader Magazine Vol. 4Also Art Trader Magazine Volume 4 is out! I apologize for not posting about Vols. 2 & 3, I completely forgot, but they are still available for download at

This quarterly magazine has a lot to offer to the Mail artist. It provides inspiration, new techniques, wonderful artwork to drool over and mini-tutorials!
I love getting this magazine, it is so informative, and I love the layout. And the people who put it together, they do it so well that you really get to know them. Did I say that I love this mag!? You definitely need to check it out, you will definitely know what I'm talking about when you see it!

Art Trader Mag Year 1Currently, it's only in Adobe PDF (online publication), but in the new year they are hoping to release it in print! All four 2008 magazine in one book! There's nothing like holding a book in your hand and perusing to your hearts content. Keep an eye out over at or here for more details!


I've neglected my blog...

>> Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shame Shame on me!

I've been so busy with work (mostly work), and other little projects at home, that I haven't uploaded anything new lately. Which is unfortunate, because the Bloggy Giveaways is coming up, and I've hardly posted anything worthwhile.

News: I'm starting a new mural at school (work). I love the people at my workplace, they always support me in my artwork. They want me to work with some students, and have them help me paint a mural in the Guidance room. Which is not a problem. My students seem to be really excited, and now we're just waiting on our paint order to come in so that we can get started. I would like to get it done before Christmas. It shouldn't take too long, as the design is not to convoluted like most of my work. It will be based on the Seven Sacred Teachings, and have the seven animals of the houses. The animals will be done in the NorthWest Coast artform, which is difficult to design, especially if you are not immersed in the local culture; but enjoyable nonetheless. I'll be posting the designs soon in my blog so you guys can see :)

Also, I'm going to be setting an up ETSY shop soon. I figured why not? I'll be selling my jewelry, and artwork. Some people have been asking if I will sell prints of my Totem cards, and I am seriously thinking about it. I think they would be nice as greeting cards. So be on the lookout. I'm hoping to have it all set up before Bloggy Carnival days.

Well, that's about it. I'll be posting some new pics of artwork and jewelry in the next little while. Enjoy!


A Graduation Present

>> Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garnet Silver Weave - SideGarnet Silver Weave Ring - Other SideGarnet Silver Weave Ring - Back

"Garnet Silver Weave Ring" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir). August 2008. A huge emerald-cut Garnet sits securely within looping prongs. While a glittering weave of sterling silver wraps along the sides. A bold ring, with lots of sparkle!

This ring is for my twin sister, Jacquie. She's finally graduated from her University course, after 7 long years. She took a program through Brandon University called P.E.N.T. (Program for the Education of Native Teachers). It enabled her to continue working at the Junior High as an Educational Assistant, and do her Student teaching. She took time off from our school year, so that she could go back to University during the Spring/Summer courses. It was a long haul, but she made it, with the highest marks in the class!
Jacquie had gotten this lab simulated Garnet about a year ago, intending me to make a ring for her. I wanted to be able to mount the faceted stone a different way, than the way I did my Amethyst ring. While it looks similar at first glance, the looping prongs continue back into the shank of the ring. Makes for slighter bigger ring shank, but a very secure base for the gemstone. It turned out really good, and it looks pretty good on my hand too :P

Jacquie has always wanted to be a teacher, and now she gets to realize her dream this fall. She gets to teach Grade 8 in the school where we both work at, although she's not an EA anymore. I am still though *sigh* Anyways...
She's a very good teacher, strict, but fair, and always tries to make the class excting for the students. Jacquie has a passion that she wants to instill in her students, so that the learning experience is that much more enjoyable.

I am very proud of my Evil Twin, I am very proud in knowing a person like her.
Love you, Jacquie! And Congratulations!


And the Winner is......UPDATE

>> Friday, August 1, 2008

UPDATE :We have confirmation!!! YAY!
New winner: Neen Comment #97
Courtesy of
Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2008-08-03 23:18:39 UTC

Since my original person did not send a confirming e-mail, I did another draw. For this draw, I removed commenter #60 from my list and used to pull a number from the new list.
I'll be sending Neen's prize to her Monday. I hope you enjoy the earrings, Neen :)

I had a blast doing this! And I loved the comments. I'm hoping that I will be able to do this again soon. So please check back often :)
I'll link this post to
Bloggy Giveaways in the Mr. Linky so that people can check from there also. Thank you to Bloggy Giveaways for hosting the carnival.

Thank you so much for your support & participating!



>> Monday, July 28, 2008

Entering is now closed!

Paisley Pearl & Labradorite Earrings "Paisley Pearl & Labradorite Earrings" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir). July 2008. A beautiful pair of earrings that can totally dress up a casual outfit or take you out on a night on the town. All sterling silver wire, with peacock grey freshwater pearls, and faceted labradorite rondelles that have a flash of blue fire.

I'm participating in the
Bloggy Giveaways Carnival, and I'm hosting my first giveaway! YAY!
This week I am giving away this pair of gorgeous earrings made by me!

You don't have to be a blogger to participate, although you must leave your name and e-mail in your comment so that I can contact you. Leave it like this if you don't want to be spammed (eg. lagazdesigns AT mts DOT net ). I will ship anywhere, as I want everyone to participate. The draw will be made Aug 1, 2008 @ 6pm CDT. I will give 2 days for the winner to acknowledge, otherwise I will draw again.


  1. One entry per person (make sure to have valid e-mail address and name in your comment)
  2. Take a look around my blog, and leave a comment here on which piece of artwork or jewelry you like the most.
It's that easy! Please check out the other Bloggy Giveaways that are happening this week, by clicking the link or the button at the top of the page.



Tarot Card Project @

A bunch of us artists got together to publish a tarot card deck, with a "Zetti" twist to it. Everyone got to do 3-5 cards, and could use any medium they wished as long as they kept to the suit colours that were established.
It was very challenging to do these cards, as I am not familiar with doing "Zetti" style. It is a whimsical style, that I find hard to do, but I think I did okay. I did 3 cards, one of the Major Arcana, and 2 of the Minor Arcana.

Tarot card Series by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). June 2008. Prismacolor pencils, Sakura Glaze pens and ink.

Wheel of FortuneQueen of Pentacles Ace of Pentacles
"Wheel of Fortune" "Ace of Pentacles" "Queen of Pentacles"

Read more... June Pick-A-Theme Swap

Stillness"Stillness" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). July 2008. Sharpies, ink, Prismacolor pencils, glaze and sparklie pens. Barbra Streisand theme, photoreferenced from here.

On the Road Again"On the Road Again" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). July 2008. Prismacolor Pencils, Sharpies, and ink. Elephant theme. Photoreferenced from NightOwlZA/

"Draco" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). July 2008. Sharpies, Prismacolor pencils, ink and metallic pens. Dragon theme. Tutorial from

A Prince of Narnia "A Prince of Narnia" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). July 2008. Narnia theme. Sharpies, Prismacolor pencils, ink & metallic pens. Photoreferenced from here.


Hearts are for Healing, Remembering and to Inspire

>> Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Split Heart Ring - Side Split Heart Ring - Front "Split Heart Ring"
by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir).
July 2008.
Hand-crafted ring, wrapped entirely in Sterling Silver wire. Tiny Hill Tribe beads surround each heart half, which is then filled in with 3mm Swarovski Crystal bicones, for a sparkling finish.

I made a new piece of jewelry, that has been in the works forever. It's a very special ring for a good friend from

ANg requested a ring from me a looong time ago, but with me being sick, super busy, broke and what have you I finally finished it. ANg wanted a broken heart ring, as a remeberance for her and her baby, so the closest I came to was a Split Heart ring.

Here is my initial drawing plan (you'll probably need to click on it):

DrawingI really struggled putting it together. This is one of the instances where theory is so much easier than the practical. Initially the heart halves were going to be smaller, but they got lost against the wire weaving, so I made them bigger, and put more Swarovski crystals in. It really makes a statement now! It's adjustable to a point, so it can be a bit bigger when you need it.

I enjoyed making this ring for ANg. She really gave me a challenge to do something this special for her. I thought alot about her and what this ring would mean while I was making it. So it has a part of me in it, but lots of ANg too! She also inspired me to make a whole heart ring, which I hope to make very soon.

For those of us who need healing, remembering or inspiration, whether it be from ours or someone else's, that's what our hearts are for.


Colorful Stylized Portrait Swap @

>> Friday, July 4, 2008

"Daphne (l), Eva (r) and Wendy (b)" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Inspired by Martina Shapiro. May 2008.

"Lucy" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Inspired by Martina Shapiro. July 2008.


Incan, Mayan, Aztec Swap @

"Aztec Temple" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). November 2007.

"Incan Statue" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). November 2007. Photoreferenced from ©

"Mayan Jaguar" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). November 2007.

"Aztec Battle Dance" by Melissa Muir (Lagaz). Photoreferenced from Melissa Chasse. February 2008.


Artist Trading Cards

ATCsforALL IllustratedATCs Art Trader Magazine

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