Arrowhead necklace

>> Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flint Arrowhead Necklace"Arrowhead Necklace" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir) December 2007.

Genuine flint arrowhead, wrapped securely with sterling silver wire. Hill tribe silver beads added for a more formal look. Genuine black leather cord, with hand-wrapped sterling silver ends. Hand-made sterling silver clasp completes this masculine necklace.

Made this for my brother-in-law Derwin for Christmas. He had gotten the arrowhead long time ago from Lower Fort Garry. It was my first time wrapping an arrowhead, plus making a masculine looking piece. I really like it, and it looks really good on Derwin. :) As I gain more experience with jewelry making, I want to be able to incorporate masculine creations also. Even men love jewelry! :)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!


Paisley Brooch Swag

>> Monday, December 24, 2007

Paisley Brooch Swag"Paisley Brooch Swag" by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir) December 2007.

Hand-crafted paisley brooch, with a button pin and swag chains. Thin gauge sterling silver wire wrapped securely around a sterling silver frame. Woven within the paisley frame are matte white glass beads, citrine rondelles, sterling silver stardust beads, hill tribe silver, with 2 Prehnite rondelles, and faceted oval clear Quartz bead. On the button pin frame, are stardust beads, citrine rondelles, some hill tribe silver and a Freshwater Pearl. Sterling silver chain connected by sterling jumprings to both pins are removable for different looks.

Made this one for my friend Kathy as a Secret Santa gift. This is for all the hard work that she has done, and for helping me out with the attendance duties at school. Love you Kathy!!

Button part of brooch was made from
Magda's button earring tutorial. Thanks Magda!!


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