Turquoise Silver Cuff

>> Sunday, September 30, 2007

Turquoise Silver Cuff

"Turquoise Silver Cuff " by Lagaz Designs (Melissa Muir) September 2007.

A single turquoise brings about the focus on this cuff. Wood beads, and small turquoise set off the natural beauty of this gorgeous green-blue stone. Smooth silver & Stardust beads give it sparkle, while tiny hilltribe silver adds to the rawness of this piece.

Darla, my best friend, asked me if I could make something for her from this single turquoise bead. She had gotten it from her sister, Brandi, when she was teaching in Japan. It's a beautiful stone, and it's colouring leans towards the green end of the spectrum, which I prefer.

I figured a beautiful open cuff would do this one justice, and I'm always willing to make something for Darla ;) It turned out great, and when I was taking pictures of it, I tried and tried to find something that would really set it off. It looks very Aboriginal in design, and so my sister Jacquie suggested trying some cedar cuttings. Cedar is a Sacred Medicine, and since turquoise is one of many sacred stones, I thought it was appropriate. The picture turned out gorgeous, and I hope Darla likes it :)

Now I'm thinking I have to make something similar myself!


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