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>> Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blue Morpho on Pink Stargazer
"Blue Morpho on Pink Stargazer" - by Melissa Muir Done with Prismacolor Art Pencils. December 2004

I love lilies, and butterflies. Especially Stargazers, and Blue Morphos. My favourites! Now this particular picture was a Secret Santa gift for my friend, Juanita. So it was the dead of winter in Manitoba, and we all need something summery to help us out right? Right.

So this picture was kind of selfish of me, as these are my favourite things, but they speak summer. And Juanita is a total summer girl to me, I knew she would love it. And she did! Now she wants another one to put on her other bedroom wall. Maybe someday soon.

I've worked with coloured art pencils before, but I had bought a book around that time to help me develop my technique. It's called "Colored Pencil Solution Book" by Jane Gildow and Barbara Benedetti Newton. This really helped me out when my style just wasn't going anywhere. I learned how to blend colours to create depth and more realism. It totally saved me. Now I have more confidence when creating something!

I love my Prismacolor Art crayons! They blend so wonderfully! I finally got a full set that I got off eBay.ca for dirt cheap! Ahhh. I'm happy now.


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