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>> Sunday, August 5, 2007

Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings Mural
"Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings" by Melissa Muir, Darla Martens-Reece & Scott Sampson. February 2007
This mural is based upon the Seven Scared Grandfather Teachings, that our school is hoping to implement this coming fall. It's a virtue system, where each animal is connected with a certain trait. There are seven in all:

  1. Eagle - Love
  2. Bear - Courage
  3. Beaver - Wisdom
  4. Buffalo - Respect
  5. Sabe (Sasquatch) - Honesty
  6. Wolf - Humility
  7. Turtle - Truth
The classes are divided up into the first six houses (think Harry Potter), while the school is the seventh house, Truth. Since our school has a high aboriginal population, we thought that this would be appropriate to help our school come together in spirit and healthy competition.

My best friend, Darla Martens-Reece and I designed this mural together during the Summer '06. It was funny, we both had an idea for the Turtle, and when we showed them to each other, they were very similar!! Great minds do think alike. I love collaborating on projects with Darla. She has a Masters, and so she can bring the academia on whatever we're working on, while I just go for it! Darla is a great artist in her own right, and we work so well together. We'll have to do something else again really soon.

On this mural we just used latex paint, but the airbrushing was supplied by our friend and colleague, Scott Sampson. He runs the airbrushing/model car club at our school. So his expertise was invaluable as Darla and I had no idea how to airbrush. Thanks Sammy!!

The Teachings are precious as they educate us how to be better people. It's not that we are trying to convert people to go the Aboriginal way. Just like our parents, who teach us to "be good", "be kind to others", "to be honest", etc. We are just using this as a teaching tool, to reinforce those virtues that we want to instill in our children. I fully believe that everyone has their own path, but we can still learn from the experience of others.


STBW July 14, 2008 at 6:18 PM  

Excellent work on the Seven Teachings painting ! You’re very talented



Kellie Huffman August 29, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

Your poster is beautiful. Would you and your friends consider creating a black-line printable version of it to aid in teaching children? There is a serious lack of such materials online.

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