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>> Thursday, August 2, 2007

White Buffalo Calf Woman "White Buffalo Calf Woman" by Melissa Muir. Done in Prismacolor Art Pencils, Pearl Ex powders, ink. November 2006

I get a lot of inspiration from Aboriginal legends and symbols, so when I come across one that really speaks to me I make a point of saving it, so that I can draw upon it in the future.

This creation was made for a raffle draw at my school. The raffle was for our Aboriginal Art Club that my twin sister, Jacquie and I run during lunch hour, once a week. We use this raffle to raise funds to purchase materials for our participants.

In the legend, White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the Lakota people in the form of a white buffalo calf, then turned into a beautiful woman. Realizing that she was a sacred being, the Lakota prepared for her arrival. White Buffalo Calf Woman brought them the scared pipe, and taught them the scared medicines, as gifts. She also taught them the sacred ceremonies to keep the traditions pure. When she left the people, she told them that she will see them again, and to look for her arrival. The white buffalo is a very sacred symbol, as it tells us that She will be seeing us again.
For more detailed story, go here.

In my picture I wanted to show how White Buffalo Calf Woman was teaching the People the sacred medicines, and how to look for her when she returns to us. I wanted it be a very flowing piece, where her hair, sacred smoke and sky all blended together. The colours in the sky represent the Northern Lights, which some aboriginal peoples believe are the spirits of our people. These symbols represent the unity of our people, and how everything on the earth/universe is connected to each other.

I believe that White Buffalo Calf Woman is going to return soon, the signs are coming to pass. Hopefully, we are worthy of it.


keywestbiscuit January 25, 2009 at 9:29 PM  

Can I purchase this in a print? mlbiscuit@yahoo.com

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